Each Performing Provider System (PPS) must submit several documents to the New York State Department of Health for review and approval. These materials encapsulate the structure and overall strategy of the network.  Provided below are the following documents submitted by the Better Health for Northeast New York (BHNNY) PPS. 

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary articulates how the BHNNY PPS plans to evolve into a highly effective integrated delivery system and makes reference to several issues surrounding any application(s) for regulatory relief.

Organizational Application

The Organizational Application focuses primarily on the structural and administrative aspects of the BHNNY PPS. Topics found throughout this section include Governance, Workforce Strategy, Data Sharing, Confidentiality & Rapid Cycle Evaluation, Cultural Competency & Health Literacy, DSRIP Budget & Flow of Funds, and a Financial Sustainability Plan. 

Project Plan Application

The Project Plan Application provides project justification, addresses assets and associated challenges, and references various resources that are vital to the success of each project. This section explains in greater detail how the BHNNY PPS defines its patient population and intends to strategically implement each chosen project.

Community Needs Assessment

The Community Needs Assessment (CNA) was conducted by the Healthy Capital District Initiative (HCDI) for both Better Health for Northeast New York PPS and the Alliance for Better Health PPS. Its main objective was to provide relevant data regarding the current Medicaid Population in an 11-county service area. This data included:

  • Health Care and Community Resources
  • Description of the Medicaid Community 
  • Challenges facing the Medicaid Community

The BHNNY PPS utilized the CNA findings to determine the 11 selected projects for implementation.

BHNNY Compliance Documents

DSRIP requires each PPS to implement an effective compliance program related to compliance issues arising from PPS operations, activities, and performance; the intent of this program is to set a high standard of integrity and to prevent, detect, and address compliance matters relating to PPS operations, projects, and performance throughout the BHNNY PPS network. 

Implementation Plan

Each lead applicant was asked by the NYSDOH to submit an Implementation Plan outlining the organizational structure of the PPS along with a detailed plan for each selected project. This comprehensive plan outlines major risks to implementation and corresponding mitigation strategies, detailed project steps clarifying how each requirement will be met, and associated target dates of completion. On August 6th, 2015, Albany Medical Center Hospital PPS submitted the original Implementation Plan. Click the button to view BHNNY's current Implementation Plan.

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