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The role of the Finance Committee is to provide financial oversight for the PPS. This will include budgeting and financial planning, financial reporting and the creation and monitoring of internal controls and accountability policies. The Finance Committee will focus on providing advice with respect to the PPS's budget and funding distribution plan, including but not limited to attribution methodologies. The BHNNY budget and funds flow plan will be reviewed and approved by the BHNNY Board of Directors and the Albany Medical Center Board of Directors. The committee will ensure that funds are appropriately segregated, managed and utilized in a manner that is consistent with the intent of the goals and objectives of DSRIP. They will identify appropriate financial metrics and identify financially fragile members of the PPS and work with them to regain sound financial status by offering technical support or other guidance as deemed appropriate by the committee and approved by the BHNNY Board of Directors. The Finance Committee will develop and recommend a Distressed Provider Plan (DPP) and an ongoing monitoring process to assess at-risk providers. They will gather baseline revenue data to determine fee for service and value based payment streams existing in the PPS and will create and recommend a roadmap to value based purchasing for the BHNNY Board of Directors review and approval. The Finance committee will also develop educational materials as part of a broader communication strategy for the PPS network including information to be shared with providers.

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Committee Chair
Spreer-Albert, Frances   |   Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer   |   Albany Medical Center Hospital
PMO Primary Contact
Waller, Chris   |   Chief Financial Officer   |   Better Health for Northeast New York
PMO Secondary Contact
McQuade, Mary   |   Program Coordinator   |   Better Health for Northeast New York
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