The following showcases the structure of the Better Health for Northeast New York (BHNNY) PPS.

  • BHNNY Board of Directors
  • Project Management Office (PMO) - Reports to BHNNY Board of Directors
  • Committees of the Corporation report to the BHNNY Board of Directors:
    • Finance Committee - Chaired by Frances Spreer-Albert
    • Technology and Data Management Committee  (TDMC) - Chaired by George Hickman
    • Clinical and Quality Affairs Committee (CQAC) - Chaired by Ferdinand Venditti, M.D.
    • Audit and Compliance Committee (A/C) - Chaired by Steven Frisch, M.D.
    • Workforce Coordinating Committee (WCC) - Chaired by Kelly Sweeney
    • Cultural Competency and Helath Literacy (CCHLC) - Chaired by Tandra LaGrone
    • Consumer and Community Affairs Committee (CCAC) Co-chaired by Bill Faragon and Marcus Harazin
  • Advisory Committees to the BHNNY Board of Directors:
    • Project Advisory Committee, Leadership Committee  - Chaired by Elizabeth Whalen
    • Project Advisory Committee, Membership comprised of our Partnering Organizations
Organizational Chart

The attached chart illustrates the structure of our PPS.  

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