3.a.ii- Behavioral Health Community Crisis Stabilizaiton Services

  • Provide appropriate access to behavioral health crisis services that allow access to services and providers to support rapid de-escalation
  • Crisis intervention services that include outreach, mobile crisis, and intensive crisis services
  • Crisis residence for up to 48 hours of monitoring to attempt stabilization


Bed reduction / facility conversion / service migration

  • Expand access to observation unit within hospital outpatient or at an off-campus crisis residence for stabilization monitoring services (up to 48 hours)
  • Implement a crisis intervention program that, at a minimum, includes outreach, mobile crisis, and intensive crisis services
  • Develop written treatment protocols with consensus from participating providers and facilities
  • Deploy mobile crisis team(s) to provide crisis stabilization services using evidence-based protocols developed by medical staff
  • Establish central triage service with agreements among participating psychiatrists, mental health, behavioral health, and substance abuse providers

Integration of care / IDS

  • Use EHRs and other technical platforms to track all patients engaged in the project
  • Ensure that all PPS safety net providers are actively sharing EHR systems with local health information exchange/RHIO/SHIN-NY and sharing health information among clinical partners, including directed exchange (secure messaging), alerts and patient record look-up, by the end of Demonstration Year (DY) 3
  • Establish clear linkages with Health Homes, ER and hospital services to develop and implement protocols for diversion of patients from emergency room and inpatient services
  • Include at least one hospital with specialty psychiatric services and crisis-oriented psychiatric services; expansion of access to specialty psychiatric and crisis-oriented services

Other / misc.

  • Ensure quality committee is established for oversight and surveillance of compliance with protocols and quality of care

Payment reform

  • Establish agreements with the Medicaid Managed Care organizations serving the affected population to provide coverage for the service array under this project

PMO Project Representatives:

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